Ferrero, the Nutella-maker, now a giant company based in Alba, Italy, uses about a quarter of the world’s hazelnut supply — more than 100,000 tons every year.

That’s pushed up hazelnut prices. And this year, after a late frost in Turkey that froze the hazelnut blossoms and cut the country’s hazelnut production in half, prices spiked even further. They’re up an additional 60 percent.

Because they’re so valuable, more people want to grow them. Farmers are growing hazelnuts in Chile and Australia. America’s hazelnut orchards in Oregon are expanding.

Thanks To Nutella, The World Needs More Hazelnuts

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One of my very first stories for micdotcom was about the history of Nutella. This is a very important story. And not just because I love the stuff by the spoonful.


"I think the great fear of every Tibetan is that our story will die out. It’s been over fifty years now since Tibet lost its independence. Our monasteries have been destroyed. The Chinese language curriculum is being mandated in our schools. More and more Han Chinese are moving into Tibet— building homes, building malls. I think now we are all starting to think that the Chinese are too powerful and that the dream of returning home is fading away. I think our mistake was that we didn’t keep up with the world. We held on to the monastic tradition too tightly. We didn’t embrace modern education, and so we weren’t connected with the outside world. Because of that, we lost our freedom silently. I think our challenge now is to educate our children in a modern way, so hopefully they will be better at sharing our story."

(Dharamshala, India)

Cheers to the editor who saw the chance and took it. Carpe headline &c.

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Everything that I just said, that’s what you gathered. That makes sense. I sweat a lot! 

Chris Evans being done with press is rapidly becoming my favorite part of all his future press tours.

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(source: The Atchison Globe, May 15, 1878.)


(source: The Atchison Globe, May 16, 1878.)

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The “Rubber Duck” artist must be stopped.

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I — this image, whoa.


Garrison Keillor, A Prairie Home Companion (Pasadena, 1991)

Sorry for the nightmares/follow NPR Shopped for more public radio “art”

This makes me happy on a level I can’t really justify.


Er, so, this is how I spent my holiday Monday: writing about why meeting Sebastian Stan was both hilarious and an exercise in trying to understand looking at people.


What they won’t show you on CNN tonight: Ferguson residents line a parade of roses down W Florissant, leading to where Mike Brown was taken from this world. #staywoke #powerful #insolidarity 

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